Arctic Ice Cap Water originated thousands of years ago in the formation of the arctic circle. Across several ice ages the arctic water has been frozen and preserved within the Ice Sheet east of Ilulissat in Greenland, which creates a unique encapsulation for one of the most valuable treasures on Earth - clean drinking water.  Comes in 0,50 litre PET bottles and 0,33/0,75 litre glass bottles.
Arctic Ice Cap Water is more pure / clean than any other brand in The World.

Contents per litre:
TDS : < 5 ppm (The lower TDS the better)
Calcium < 1.0 mg
Natrium 0.5 mg
Magnesium < 1.0 mg
Kalium < 1.0 mg
Bicarbonat < 1.0 mg
Chloride 3.0 mg
Sulfat 0.6 mg